Monday, January 28, 2013

wood veneers

Hello Monday.  Please be kind and let me get a few things checked off my to do list!

Today on the Practical Scrappers blog we are showing you some ideas on what to do with those trendy little wood veneer pieces that I love so much.  I find myself reaching for these little goodies to finish off any layout... tiny little stars, a bird or a feather, even just a small arrow, these wood veneers are perfect finishing touches for every project.

Though it is not a great picture, I really wanted to scrap this one.  It was the only one we got with all of the cousins wrapped in their angry bird blankets together.  They were having such a good time in these blankets, I wanted to document it.

I made a baker's twine wire and stuck some little wood veneer birds on it.  One for each of the cousins in the picture.

 I used some wood veneer feathers to float down from the birds.

And I added a couple of subtle rub on birds in the background.

Stop on over to the Practical Scrappers blog today to see more fabulous ideas of what to do with wood veneers.


  1. So adorable. I love wood veneers, but hate that SC discontinues shapes too quickly.

    1. I just figured out that I can reply! Thanks for all of your comments! Yes, I agree, it is so hard to get your hands on all those wood veneers.

  2. I am a wood veneer addict so this is just the kind of thing I like.
    Love how you put them on a little telegraph wire with the feathers falling down and that pic is just too cute.

    1. Oh would you look at that?!? I just realized I could reply to my comments! Thanks for all of your kind words.

  3. Love how you used the Studio Calico kit Malika, those little Tweets are adorable. I'm a big fan of journaling, love that you've included the story behind the towels, so cute!


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