Wednesday, November 20, 2013

reindeer names

Here's a super easy Christmas decoration you can make and embellish with your Epiphany Crafts tools! I found a cute hand drawn picture of the reindeer names that highlighted Rudolph's red nose so I decided to make this 8.5x11 sign of the reindeer names with my Silhouette to display on my mantle.  I played with the fonts so that they all lined up along both sides, which meant some names were in a smaller point font depending how long they were.  The last name on the list is Rudolph and I embellished the letter O with an Epiphany Crafts epoxy.  The project was complete with a few little embellishments in the top left corner! 


  1. Adorable Malika and I love how you added the jewel to the "O" in Rudolph!


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