Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Days

Happy December!  Can't believe it is here already.  I've got my numerous advent calendars prepared...

A chocolate one from Great Grandma... two hockey themed ones and a "pretty dress"one.  

This Star Wars Lego calendar.  A great find.

And then the one a made a few years ago, thanks to good ol' Ali Edwards.  I fill it will little trinkets and treats.  It is harder now that there are 3 of them.  The boxes aren't huge.  But even if it is one Sweedish fish each, they are happy!   This one is not quite finished but I have filled till at least number 11, so I have a few more days on that.

Now for some scrapbook related business...  Another project for the Scrapbooking Studio.  This time I used Echo Park's Happy Days line.  It was a really fun, bright and colorful palette, so I used some old black and white photos to compliment it.  Just some random old photos of my grandma and grandpa, my mom and dad and then a couple of me and my dad, many years ago.  It is just a collection of pictures, but in a way, it tells a small simple story.  I had a blast putting it together.  Hope you enjoy!

Now, I really need to get on to my December Daily album.  Since I have not made my base pages yet and I have lots of other things on the go, I am going SIMPLE this year!

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